Martin Lewis hits out as he’s branded ‘out of touch’ over home life query ‘I’m frustrated’

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Martin Lewis, 49, has responded to critics who accused him of being out of touch. The Money Saving Expert founder responded to a Twitter user who did not agree with him surveying his followers on whether they had cleaners.

The poll read: “Do you have a cleaner who comes regularly to your home or do you (or another household member) do it yourself?

“- ‘All Work’ means all adult members of the household have work/jobs/full time study.

“- ‘Not all work’ means one or more doesn’t.”

A Twitter user, Smith710769831, then hit out: “Most people can’t afford a bread now days Martin let alone pay for a cleaner.

“Out of touch question this is.”

Martin addressed the claims as he quote tweeted the post.

He explained: “I’m not sure any question is out of touch.

“I am often frustrated by media assertions like ‘everyone is struggling right now’ or ‘no one can afford a cleaner’.

“Actually the pandemic made many better off, many worse off.

“Understanding quantities & choices helps improve my work.”

Martin’s response sparked debate amongst social media users, with some agreeing with his perspective and others weighing in on the pandemic crisis.

Fontenesi wrote: “It for sure didn’t make the disabled better off, many of whom are on legacy benefits so didn’t even get the £20 uplift.

“Unseen, ignored, forgotten, screaming into the void.

“The disabled community have been badly served & no-one seems to care.”

MFL_tweets argued: “For us we would sooner forgo a takeaway than a visit from the cleaner.

“Many people wouldn’t bat an eyelid at the thought of someone else cooking for them to relieve the pressure. A cleaner is no different.”

Beckstar2 agreed: “Us too – our cleaner is awesome.

“But the sneering ‘I have no legs so you shouldn’t be allowed to walk’ brigade will always jump on questions like this.”

Vixhilton penned: “Not an out of touch question at all!

“All my friends have a cleaner. We tried it but got fed up of cleaning before the cleaner.”

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