Mammoth WVH Release New Single 'Like A Pastime'

Wolfgang Van Halen recently released “Like A Pastime,” the latest song from Mammoth WVH‘s upcoming sophomore album.

“It centers around a 4/4-time signature, but with a polyrhythm on top,” Wolfgang shared about the song. “I was teaching my fiancé what a polyrhythm is, and I stumbled upon this idea. The kick drums are accentuating it. It’s certainly one of my favorites and a completely different vibe than anything on the first album.”

“Like a Pastime” is the second song to be released from Mammoth II, following “Another Celebration At The End Of The World,” which came out in March.

Mammoth II is set to drop on August 4. The 10-track record was recorded at the legendary 5150 studio and was produced by Wolfgang’s friend and collaborator Michael “Elvis” Baskette.

(Photo: Travis Shinn)

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