Malin Andersson speaks out on the impact of online trolling after being called ‘fat’ – EXCLUSIVE

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Because I've been doing funny and real videos of me just dancing, they've been going viral. I haven't been really keeping track of comments but this morning I was going through them and saw this awful troll's comment.

It was like a fake account, it said: "Wow, you're the fattest girl I've had a wank over." I felt sick and it's just such a nasty thing to say. It's such a demoralising and terrible thing to say.

Imagine if they had written it on a 16 year old girl's account – that's not okay.

I'm tough-skinned, but the word "fat" isn't cool because that's triggering to someone who has had an eating disorder before anyway. I blocked them first, but it made me want to say something about it because it's a bit of an over the top comment.

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It triggered me a little because I'm losing a stone at the minute and trying to be more healthy, but you can't call someone "fat".

You don't say that to somebody because the eating disorder I had lasted so long and it's still in the skin somewhere. The comment made me think, "Oh maybe I do really need to lose that one stone".

I don't know how others do it when it comes to trolling. I used to get horrible comments after coming out of Love Island and it's really violating.

Trolling is one of the worst things you can do. I don't understand how people are still able to do it, I think Instagram needs to take more action on it.

You can kind of see why so many celebrities might have body dysmorphia.

Even out of the thousands of nice comments I get, that one negative one has stayed with me. It pisses with me off. It's just the way the human brain works, clinging onto that negativity.

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You have to remember that it's a projection of that person's own insecurities. It's an abnormal thing to do and they're obviously not happy with themselves. They're the ones who need help.

You shouldn't take it personally, but it's easier said than done. Trolls can have a very real impact in influencing people to have eating disorders.

I put my body out there because I'm not bothered. I can laugh it [the comment] off a little bit because I know the weight comes and goes, your external appearance changes.

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But it's these younger girls that haven't even hit womanhood, who are still trying to find their way in life and don't have my knowledge and experience… It's going to trigger them to lead a miserable life. That needs to be stopped.

If I was a 16 year old who had received a comment like that, I would ignore it, block it and delete. Then I would go and speak to a friend about it and get confirmation that I'm fine and beautiful.

When you're younger you need reassurance.

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