Love Island’s Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard secretly kissed

Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard had a serious bromance in the Love Island villa, with their bond being closer than some of the actual couples.

And one of their fellow Islanders have claimed that the pair actually kissed but viewers never saw it because the moment didn't make the final cut of the episode.

Casa Amor girl Nabila Badda said the boys locked lips during a task after being told that the tallest boy had to kiss a boy of his choice.

Nabila told UKgossip TV: "There was one thing that happened, they texted during the games and you have to read it out.

"The text I read out – they didn't air it – was going 'the tallest boy has to kiss the boy of his choice', or something like that.

"I read it out and Michael was next to me and he was like 'why's it say boy?'

"Anyway, Tommy and Curtis, they're quite close aren't they? so they had a massive smooch."

But after they'd pulled away they discovered that the kiss wasn't meant to happen at all.

Nabila added: "They had a snog, then the producer went, 'Oh my God! that was a typo we've got to do that again, it was meant to be girl'. It was 100% a typo.

"It didn't air or anything, it was really funny, the panic in both their faces like 'should we do this'.

"That was the only thing that they [producers] said they'd made a mistake."

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