Love Island’s Demi Jones ‘so sick’ after cancer battle affected immune system

Love Island star Demi Jones has issued a health update following her previous cancer battle.

Demi, 24, shared her heartbreaking thyroid cancer diagnosis in 2021 and later underwent two surgeries to remove a lump in her neck.

The reality TV star has since received the all clear but has found that her immune system has been weakened as a result of her cancer, making her more susceptible to other illnesses.

Sharing an update on Instagram, Demi wrote on her story yesterday, Tuesday 28 February: “I’m literally so sick rn. It's been a whole week and I’ve not improved. I’ve also got conjunctivitis so I can’t film any content or post much.

“I’m basically a little hermit in bed until further notice. My immune system has defo been compromised since cancer, can any thyroid sufferers relate??”

Following Demi’s 2021 cancer diagnosis, the star now has to take hormones for the rest of her life.

Explaining her surgery and treatment at the time, she told New! Magazine: “I need to go for my second operation, which is this week.

“This is where I'll have my full thyroidectomy to get rid of my thyroid. Then I'll have my iodine treatment, which basically just zaps away any remaining bits of my thyroid or cancer.”

Demi went on: “I’ve got to take some everyday hormone tablets too, just to make sure all my hormones are level, as my thyroid won't be there anymore.”

While Demi has beaten cancer, the 24 year old admitted that life isn’t the same afterwards.

Speaking to us last year, the red-haired beauty said: “The people I've spoken to with cancer, we always say there's life before cancer and there's life after cancer and it's never the same.

"You have to differentiate your life in two sections, so I'm learning to live with it and I'm learning to live with side effects and everything. But everything is going brilliant."

Demi also said that since battling cancer, it has made her look at "life differently" and that "little things" that used to bother her aren't a problem now at all.

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She said: "This is so cringe to be saying this when I'm 23 but it's just made me look at life differently.

"In the fact that little things that used to bother me and little things that used to make me upset. Maybe friendship problems, boyfriend problems or little things like that I used to really worry about… they are just not a problem at all now.

"I'm still dealing with my dad at home, who is terminally ill, I've overcome cancer and I think life is so short. Enjoy yourself, do what you want to do, spend the money when you want to spend it and just have fun."


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