Love Island’s Amber Gill ‘disappointed’ after failing to workout in lockdown

Amber Gill is doing the second lockdown right (in our humble opinion) by choosing to relax and lounge over intense workout regimes. However, she’s now feeling ‘disappointed’ in herself.

The Love Island star recently opened up about her weight gain during the first lockdown and revealed she had put on an extra stone. 

Spurred on to get into shape, Amber intended to exercise this time round but has actually done the opposite.

In her latest Instagram stories, the reality TV star wrapped up in a fluffy dressing gown and explained how she’s lacked motivation to get moving the past couple of weeks. 

‘I can’t help myself. Lazing!’ Amber began. 

She continued: ‘I’m still so cosy. When I said myself this lockdown I’m going to become a fitness freak, I’m gonna shift this stone because I’m not putting on another stone this lockdown, it’s not happening – yet here I am.

‘Still just mad chilling and I can’t get up because the weather’s horrible, I’m so cosy and I don’t want to go outside at all.’ 

‘I’m disappointed in myself, I can’t help the way that I feel,’ she added. 

Amber needn’t be so hard on herself as she featured a poll asking if her followers felt the same and the results were a resounding ‘yes’, with 74% admitting they’ve also struggled with working out.

Last month, the 23-year-old revealed she had received nasty messages from fat-shaming trolls on TikTok about her weight gain. 

Clapping back, she wrote in an Instagram post: ‘Not me on tiktok being fat shamed?! What? 

‘First of all we are in a pandemic. 

‘Second How do people look so closely that they notice before I even notice 😂 I’ve been living in hoodies and sweatpants for the whole of this year and ended up putting on a whole stone!’ 

She continued: ‘I can’t lie I was shocked but I cannot cook to save my life so it was takeout breakfast lunch and dinner so I don’t know what I expected And with another lockdown potentially on the horizon it could happen again 😳. 

‘I’m sure the people that commented are the image of perfection so thank you for that. 

‘Whoever put on weight this year don’t worry I’m with you.’ 

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