Love Island star Zara McDermott left ‘incredibly distressed’ after fans tell her to put on weight

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After Zara McDermott opened up about trolls targeting her for her weight loss recently, a source close to the 24-year-old has told new she is fed up with the body shaming.

“She’s was fat shamed when she was bigger, now she’s slimmer she’s being targeted again. She can’t win! She’s damned if she does and she’s damned if she doesn’t,” our source said.

They continued: “Zara is really proud of getting in shape – it’s something she’s worked really hard on and she does it healthily. She works hard, she trains every day and she eats really well.”

Zara, who is dating Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson, has lost three stone over the last year and often shares insights into her fitness journey with her 1.5 million Instagram followers.

But the disgruntled star was forced to take to Instagram Stories last week after she received a barrage of criticism for her slim frame. She wrote: “Since when is it OK to call someone too skinny… but it’s absolutely not OK to call someone too fat?

“I would never comment on someone’s pic saying, ‘You looked better when you were a few pounds lighter,’ – so why is it OK when it’s the other way around? Are we not moving toward a world of more body positivity?”

It’s not the first time Zara has slammed trolls for skinny shaming her.

She opened up about feeling “hurt” by negative comments last year.

In her most recent post, Zara said she actually eats more than the recommended calorie intake for women each day, as she exercises five times a week. She added she has a healthy BMI.

Zara continued: “It is incredibly distressing to be consistently critiqued because of your size and weight. Just two years ago I was crying myself to sleep because I was being bullied for being too fat.”

According to our source, Zara chose to adapt her diet last year in a bid to become healthier. “She used to regularly have McDonald’s and fizzy drinks for her meals, but now she’s a lot more conscious about her health,” they explained.

“She’s a great cook, so she makes healthy choices and she likes the way she looks and feels as a result.”

Still, the source claimed that Zara is fed up with being “attacked” about her body shape. “It’s frustrating and hurtful to her,” they added.

“Why should she feel ashamed of being smaller? She hasn’t got an eating disorder, she eats well and she trains really hard to get her body into the shape she likes it to be, so why can’t people just leave her be?”

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