Louise Thompson admits she ‘thought she was going to die’ after haemorrhaging at home

Louise Thompson has revealed that she was terrified she was "going to die" when she was rushed to hospital after haemorrhaging at home.

The former Made in Chelsea star, 32, took to Instagram after she returned home for hospital, sharing a video clip of herself, her fiancé Ryan Libbey, and son Leo waving to a bonfire as they "burned" and said goodbye to "bad memories."

Penning a lengthy caption, Louise wrote: "Gosh the last few days have been a rollercoaster. From thinking I was going to die again, to being allowed home all in the space of a few days.

"What a whirlwind. Not sure i’m quite ready to digest it to be honest.

"Emergency scenarios are a WILD RIDE. You get NO prep time. It’s just bam, zero to hero in a matter of minutes… or hours if you’re lucky. It does strange things to your mind.

"The emotions are mental, from an adrenalin fuelled ambulance phone call, to freeze (what I think might help, but obviously does nothing to prevent blood flow/loss), to laughter, to tears, to anger, to shouting, to apologising, to guilt. Powerful stuff."

She continued: "Just when I was doing really well too. Anyway, I don’t wanna get too dark and dirty today. I am manning up and am going to try my hardest NOT to wallow in self pity.

"The thing about having kids (and a family you love and care about) is that you don’t really have time to collapse into a heap and start processing. You have to put on your big girl pants, and be strong, which is hard when you crave being nurtured like a child yourself… "

She added that it was particularly challenging to see Leo when she came home, as she all she wanted to do was "scoop him up" but that she needs to "be careful" with her body for the time being.

Fans were quick to send their well-wishes to Louise, with one writing: "It's so hard to hear what you have gone through, I've followed your recovery journey since you have had Leo and I find you amazing. Keep going!! Thinking of you & I hope you rest & recover in your own time."

Another added: "Thank you for sharing. This will help others so much. So pleased you are now home and can rest and get better. Onwards and upwards, happy times ahead with your beautiful family xx"

While a third wrote: "You are SO brave and SO strong and you being able and willing to share will help so many people. Take good care of yourself little lady x"

Since having a difficult and traumatic birth with Leo, Louise has suffered from a number of health issues and was hospitalised following his birth and has since been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder as well as suffering from a huge number of physical ailments.

She has recently also been diagnosed with Lupus. Sharing the news with fans on Instagram she said: "So to update you guys quickly, I had a call yesterday with one of the rheumatology guys and they got more of my blood test results back and the diagnosis is that I've got drug induced lupus.

"So I'm suffering from that which is fabulous. It means that I'm really tired but I've also started to get really intolerable joint pain especially if I sit down for any amount of time if I cross my legs."

"I mean I was just on the bus going to one appointment this morning and when I stood up and started walking to the appointment and honestly me knees were in such agony."


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