Lorraine viewers furious as she reveals guest’s age after they ask for it to be hidden

Lorraine Kelly is once again being pelted with criticism after deciding to reveal her talkshow guest Anne Reid's age after being specifically asked to do the opposite.

Closing out their chat, the 63 year old Scottish presenter said to the camera: "I promised Anne I wouldn't say her age, but all I will say [is] if you played bingo; two fat ladies.

"That's all I'm saying. That's all I'm saying! Anne, thank you."

The face of Anne, whose CV includes Last Tango in Halifax, Coronation Street and The Sixth Commandment, was one of surprise, while viewers posting on Twitter were quick to call out Lorraine for her behaviour.

"Lorraine: Anne doesn't want me to mention her age, but if this were Bingo it'd be 2 fat ladies," wrote one alongside a GIF shouting: "You're despicable."

"Anne Reid didn’t want her age disclosing…. So why does #lorraine do?? DISCLOSE HER AGE!!!", "If looks could kill" and "Not pleased you said her age and why would you?!!" argued another three people.

It was nice to see the 88 year old back to full health after thanking NHS staff last Christmas after sustaining a broken arm.

"Last Thursday night I spent six hours in A&E at @NHSEnglandLDN #UCLH with a broken arm. The nurses and doctors were absolutely brilliant so kind and caring I can't thank them enough," tweeted Anne.

Meanwhile, just last week, Lorraine was on the receiving end of more social media interrogation, after she repeatedly managed to misgender Sam Smith while reviewing their super-baggy Barbie premiere outfit alongside Vogue Williams.

"Oooh, he's dressed down. Sam Smith, you've dressed down," she began.

"It's not Barbiecore. I mean, this would be, it's a super comfy airport outfit," added Vogue, 37, who's married to Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews.

"It is," concurred Lorraine. "It is a bit big for him. Now if he was my son, I'd be saying, 'Son, that's too big for you. It's drowning you.'"

Vogue came back with: "I'd be into the jumper but maybe for the airport. It wasn't Barbiecore but it's their own style," as Lorraine chuckled: "I know but he looks like a wee shrinking man. Oh bless him."

"It's certainly a different look from all the tall and the pink on the carpet," said her colleague, which was once again agreed with by Lorraine.

"He's going to stand out. He knows what he's doing that fella. He knows what he's doing."

Having endured Lorraine's continual misgendering on live TV, the award-winning musician's fanbase made sure to highlight her lack of awareness on Twitter.

"Lorraine clearly needs to get with the pronouns if you're gonna be a presenter", "#lorraine having none of Sam Smith and their pronouns. Using 'him' as many times in one sentence as she could!!" and "@reallorraine VERY lazy journalism not addressing Sam Smith with they/them pronouns… come on – seriously!! #Lorraine," read several reactions.

"I guess Lorraine didn’t get the memo about Sam Smith and their chosen pronouns, awkward," added a fourth person.

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV.

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