Lorraine lifts lid on husband’s naughty on-air texts about boobs

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Lorraine Kelly, 63, has largely tried to keep her private life away from the spotlight despite being one of Britain’s best loved TV presenters. However, in a new candid confession the ITV star revealed her husband, Steve Smith, sends her very naughty messages while she’s on air.

Lorraine described Steve as “a real boob man”, adding that she likes receiving flirty messages from him while she is at work, proving that there is still attraction between them.

She said: “Of course intimacy is important at whatever stage of a relationship you’re in – you’ve got to keep that alive.

“After 30 years, Steve still fancies me.

“He’s a real boob man and will text during the show if I’ve got a dress on to say ‘Nice Boobs’!


“It’s good to still be flirty,” added in a recent conversation with Woman’s Weekly magazine.

Lorraine has been married to Steve since 1992 and the couple share daughter Rosie together.

The TV star previously opened up about her sex life as she urged fellow women to be “confident” in the bedroom.

Speaking in an interview back in 2021, the presenter admitted that their sex life was “toddling along nicely”.

She added: “It is all about being confident in yourself.

“I think the vast majority of women are in their prime as they get older, they just need to believe in themselves.

“A lot of older women can feel invisible, but I don’t,” she added to The Mirror.

Back in 2019, Lorraine told Express.co.uk about the secrets to her happy marriage.

She spilled: “I think we make time to talk.

“We like each other and he makes me laugh. We give each other space.

“We have our own interests as well as enjoying doing things together. That keeps us interested and interesting.”

Lorraine added that as well as this the pair have a lot of respect for each other.

She went on to say: “My favourite room in the house in the kitchen, as it’s where my family comes together.

“One of the best things is that my husband, Steve, does all of the cooking.”

Lorraine airs weekdays from 9am on ITV.

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