Loose Women stars hope Brenda Edwards ‘doesn’t beat herself up’ after son’s cause of death confirmed

The Loose Women panel found themselves overcome with emotion on Tuesday’s edition of the programme as they shared a statement by panelist Brenda Edwards after her son’s cause of death was revealed to be drug related.

Brenda had been left in a state of shock following her son, Jamal Edwards' tragic death four months ago, but her world has been rocked further after it was revealed that he died from cardiac arrhythmia after taking recreational drugs.

Rather than wrestling with the knowledge alone, Brenda wanted his passing to “help drive more conversation about the unpredictability of recreational drugs” and to discourage others from following in his footsteps.

Jamal died aged 31 in February following a heart attack at his home in Acton, where he lived alongside his mum.

The music mogul had previously been out DJing the night before his untimely death.

In a statement read out by presenter Ruth Langsford on Tuesday's show, Brenda said: “We have been so incredibly touched by the outpouring of love and support, and you are all helping us try and get through the unimaginable.”

“I have sadly learned that the cause of Jamal's devastating passing was due to cardiac arrhythmia caused by having taken recreational drugs and I wanted to address this myself to everyone who loved, admired and respected my son.”

Fellow panelist Janet Street Porter could be seen visibly emotional as she expressed her support for her friend.

She said: “The one thing I don't want Brenda to do, I don't want Brenda to beat herself up over this.

"I want her to understand she was the best mum she could have possibly, possibly have been."

She added: “And we're all here for you Brenda and I'm so glad you came into my life.”

Coleen Nolan also praised Jamal as she admitted she hadn’t known the extent of his talent until after his death. She said: “I didn't realise how incredible his work was until he died.

“I think for Brenda, what has been hard about this, is that people won't get the incredible work that he has done and that she is continuing to carry on.”

“One thing that stuck in my mind when Jamal passed was something he put on Instagram is: "The goal isn't to live to forever but to create something that will”.”

An inquest into the SB:TV founder's passing took place today, Tuesday 7 June.

The inquest heard that Jamal died on February 20 after having a heart attack at his mother’s address in Acton.

Assistant Coroner Catherine Wood said: “He came home late one evening, after which he became increasingly agitated and suffered a cardiac arrest.

“He was deteriorating despite treatment and died on February 20 of this year.

“A post-mortem has been undertaken and I have reason to suspect that the death was an unnatural death.”

The inquest was adjourned to be resumed in eight weeks’ time.

Brenda admitted the news of Jamal's cause of death has been a "shock" to her in a heartbreaking statement, which read: “Since finding out I've been in a state of shock and I'm still trying to process it, but it's so important that i do address it as no mother or any loved one should have to go through what Jamal's sister Tanisha, and I have been through since he passed.”

The star went on to says that drugs are “unpredictable” while also warning that Jamal was proof that this tragedy could happen to anyone.

“I would do anything to have my son back but this is not possible so if I can help save one life, then we will have achieved something. His passing has shown that any one bad decision on any one occasion can lead to devastating consequences”

Describing Jamal as having the “whole world at his fingertips”, she continued “he was unwittingly taken away far too soon.”

She wrote: “These types of substances are extremely unpredictable, and we can only hope that this will encourage others to think wisely when faced with similar situations in the future. His passing has shown that any one bad decision on any one occasion can lead to devastating consequences.”

“It's so important that we help drive more conversation about the unpredictability of recreational drugs and the impact that they can have – how it takes just one bad reaction to destroy lives.

“I would do anything to have my son back but that is just not possible so if I can help save one life, then we will have achieved something.”

Brenda then went on to praise her "wonderful" son and added she was "proud" of his achievements and their close bond.

She wrote: "Jamal and I had one of the strongest mother/son relationships you could imagine. We were best friends and out of his many, many wonderful qualities the one person that me the most proud was the impact he had on those lives will live on.

"I'm so incredibly proud of everything he achieved over the course of his 31 years; I'm proud to call him my son."

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