Loose Women panel in hysterics as Kaye Adams debuts her twerking skills

The Loose Women panel found themselves in hysterics as Kaye Adams showed off her twerking skills on the show.

The presenter, 58, announced to the panel that she’d been learning how to twerk and proceeded to show the room her moves, while propped upside down against the studio door.

“You know how I love your twerking?” Kaye asked co-host Judi Love, who demonstrated her skills during her time on Strictly Come Dancing. “I’ve always said I would love to twerk.

“Ok, well, I was speaking to this woman and she said the way to learn to twerk is to do it upside down, because it loosens up your hips, and so you learn to twerk.

“And so I tried it – you want to see it?”

Judi replied enthusiastically: “I want to see this, girl!”

Kaye then wowed the audience as she ran over the door of the studio, propped herself upside down and proceeded to demonstrate her twerk, as the rest of the panel, which included Nadia Sawalha and Carol McGiffin, roared in hysterical laughter.

Viewers of the show also found the moment hilarious as well, with one writing: “Wtf have I just seen. #loosewomen is the best. A grown woman, renowned reporter, in a green velvet jumpsuit twerking on her head. Brilliant!”

Another added: “Trying to work from home but these ladies are sooo distracting! And omg nearly fell off my chair watching @kayeadams twerking upside down!”

Meanwhile, a third added: “BEST thing I've seen in years. Kaye thank you for such a good laugh, God knows we needed it right now. Will make me smile every time I think of it”.

Last week, Nadia Sawalha admitted that her self-esteem used to be "so low" that she would avoid friend Kaye.

Speaking on Loose Women on 10 December, the presenter, 57, recalled that she was "feeling so fragile" at the time that she would avoid her co-star's calls.

Nadia said that she and Kaye have been friends for more than 20 years but there was a time where the latter used to "intimidate" her.

She said: "Kaye and I have been friends for over 20 years but there was a long period of time where I just was a mess.

"I'd had a lot of trauma gone on, I was drinking heavily, Kaye almost intimidated me. Without knowing, without meaning, because she was so sorted and so smart."

However, despite avoiding her co-star, the star admitted that Kaye had a sweet message for her when she got in touch years later.

Nadia said: "The amazing thing is, is years later when I phoned Kaye, and it was so hard for me to do, and there was never a day went past when I didn't think about her…

"First thing Kaye said was: 'You're one of my most favourite people in the world' — straight off."

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