Little Trees Car Freshener Sues Chewy Over Dog Toy That Resembles Product

Something smells funky … at least to the company behind those Little Tree car air fresheners, which is suing popular pet food company Chewy for allegedly ripping off its famous product.

Car Freshener Corporation claims Chewy is pimping a dog toy it describes as a “Frisco Retro Tree Freshener Plush Squeaky Dog Toy.”

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the Little Tree company says the dog toy is suspiciously similar in shape, color and overall appearance to its distinctively abstract Tree design.

In the suit, Car Freshener says for over 60 years it has built up its Little Tree air freshener brand … slapping the tree on t-shirts, hats, socks, stickers and luggage tags, among other products.

What’s more, Car Freshener says it’s sold third parties like Buffalo Wild Wings, Purina PetCare, Kia and Capital One licenses to use the trees … but NOT Chewy.

Car Freshener claims Chewy’s dog toy copies the shape and basic dimensions of its Little Trees air freshener, while also featuring the white diagonal and horizontal banners emblazoned across the middle and bottom of the Little Trees air fresheners.

Car Freshener’s pissed consumers will think it’s in bed with Chewy … although, it’s unclear why that would be a bad thing.

It’s suing for trademark infringement and wants Chewy to cut it out and fork over damages. We’ve reached out to Chewy, so far no word back.

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