Lindsay Lohan Wasn't In The Mood To Talk About That Syrian Refugee "Kidnapping" Video For Her Paper Magazine Interview

Don’t let the new reality show or this high profile Paper Magazine “Break the Internet” profile fool you. Lindsay Lohan is still a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto of a mess. If she thought giving this stingy interview was supposed baptize her anew in the public eye, then she’s still as vapid, vain, and oblivious as ever. The full title of the piece is Princess Charming: Inside Lindsay Lohan’s Enduring Cult of Celebrity, and I guess it’s an apt title is you consider that Lindsay lives in Dubai, surrounded by Saudi princes (a detail eagerly provided by her kid sister, Ali Lohan), completely shut off (by choice) from the real world where people are held accountable for their actions. If that’s what they meant by princess, then sure.

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