‘LHH’ Star Rah Ali Exposed for Trying to Make Up Lies After Accusing Ari Fletcher of Cheating

In some screenshots that have been making their way round on the Internet, the reality TV star tries to convince blogger Rich Lomax to make up fake stories about Southside.

AceShowbizRah Ali‘s credibility has been questioned. Days after the reality TV star accused Ari Fletcher of cheating on MoneyBagg Yo, several screenshots have surfaced online showing Rah trying to make up fake news about Southside.

Blogger Rich Lomax was the one who posted the said screenshots on his private Instagram account. In one of the pictures, Rah could be seen detailing her plan, “Millie is doing an interview with South Sides other baby mama at 11am that will hit our page this afternoon.” She then told Rich that she and Millie would make it look like Southside was threatening the blogger.

The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star continued, “Then you gone make all your jokes like how do you so you and Millie get all the attention from this situation. Got it?” The other photo saw Rah telling Rich what to write in the caption of the post so that it will get people’s attention. In the end though, she decided to write the caption herself.

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This revelation made people doubt if Rah Ali was telling the truth when she said Ari cheated on Bagg with her ex. “I think she has more important things to focus, idk why she messing with Ari,” an online user said, while one other pointed that s/he did not believe what Rah said in the first place. “Rah Ali ain’t never been someone I take seriously. I paid no mind when she said that about ari,” so the person commented.

Meanwhile, one other wrote, “Hold onnnn Rahhhhh who just went crazy on Ari is cappin allllll hell nahhhh so she can’t be trusted hmpppp damn Karma a b***hhhhh.”

Rah made the claims about Ari during her recent radio appearance. “For the past of months, right, several months–for about nine to ten months, Ari has been f***ing my ex,” she said, adding that the social media star has been putting on an act to make it look like she is happy with Bagg when it’s apparently the opposite. She added, “She’s doing everything in between with this n***a. Any seconds that she has free, that she’s not in Bagg’s face, begging for attention from him, she’s getting it from this n***a.”

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