Lais Ribeiro Goes Topless At The Beach In White Bikini Bottom & Flowers In Her Hair

Sports Illustrated shared new sneak peeks from a recent photoshoot featuring model Lais Ribeiro. The Instagram clip showed her posing topless at the beach in a pair of white bikini bottoms. She crossed her left arm over her curves to censor them and also wrapped her left arms over her body. Lais looked stunning as she wore a ton of flowers in her hair, including hot pink, purple, and white ones. She struck several poses, looking away and at the camera.

Ribeiro’s elaborate hair was highlighted on SI’s social media on December 5. They shard a time-lapse of a stylist working on putting in the large number of flowers in her hair as she sat patiently, took selfies, and hung out.

The new post garnered positive responses from fans, like “Cover lais 2019,” “Beauty,” and “Lais is literally a goddess.” The cover model for the 2019 Swimsuit Edition has yet to be announced, although it will be big news once it is. Last year, model Danielle Herrington was chosen for the cover and the year prior, it was Kate Upton. The announcement is typically made right before Valentine’s Day, so fans will need to wait another month or so to find out this year’s lucky pick.

As a model that’s constantly on-the-go, whether she’s walking in fashion shows or posing for photoshoots in different locations around the world, Lais had some great beauty advice that she shared with Allure.

“I swear by any product with SPF. Being naturally tanned, the chances of [me] getting burned are rarer than my fair-skinned friends, but the sun is brutal on the skin—regardless of your pigment—so I always use products with coverage… I think most of us forget that our lips can get burned and dry out too.”

Also, Ribeiro revealed, “Blotting papers are truly our secret weapon. I like to use blotting papers or even tissue wrapped around a small puff to blot sweat and oil from my skin.” Plus, when it comes to moisturizing, Lais swears by it.

“I have oily skin, and you would think that I would stay away from moisturizing when I’m in Brazil, but I found that by not doing so, my skin would become oilier.”

At any rate, the model certainly looked stunning during her latest shoot with SI. Her other outfits that have been spotlighted include a pink bikini top with a revealing cutout and a yellow swimsuit with a similar cutout. Fans are looking forward to seeing more once the magazine is released.

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