Kylie Jenner Accused of Photoshopping Her Waist Thanks to Curved Stripes in a Pillow

As you’ve probably noticed if you have eyeballs and an Instagram account, Kylie Jenner is on an insanely luxurious vacation with her best friends, and they quite literally refuse to stop posting pics and giving everyone FOMO. So while they enjoy drinking out of Kylie Skin branded coconuts I’ll just be here with my styrofoam cup of deli coffee, it’s fine, I’m fine!

Anyway, Kylie’s been posting an abundance of matching pics with her friend Stassie, and it looks like she kinda-sorta-maybe-probbbbbbably photoshopped one of them—at least according to fans.

Here’s the pic in question….

her vibe is pretty 🦋🦋

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As many, many, many commenters on this post have noted, Kylie is sitting in front of a vertical stripped pillow. And when you Photoshop or FaceTune a picture, the biggest tell is when vertical stripes in the background look rippled or curved. Like, um, the ones on said pillow.

Fans are obviously being somewhat petty, with comments like:

Meanwhile, over in Sofia Richie Land, she was also accused of Photoshopping her pic and clapped back in the most confusing way ever. Read about that whole thing over here.

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