Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick: Did They Just Confirm They’re Back Together?!

By now, you’ve probably heard about Kim Kardashian’s island birthday party and the intense backlash it sparked all across the social media landscape.

In case you somehow missed it, Kim made the highly questionable decision to not only fly her entire social circle to Tahiti, but to also boast about the awesomeness of it all to her fans, many of whom are months behind on their rent and haven’t worked since March.

With one tweet thread, Kim undid much of the goodwill she’d built up in recent years through her work for criminal justice reform, and many who had recently praised her business savvy found themselves forced to retract their compliments.

In other words, it was mess.

But if the first four Kanye albums taught us anything, it’s that messes can sometimes create beauty.

And it looks like that’s what might have happened in Tahiti.

Yes, all the amid all the ugliness of the the post-party aftermath, there’s news of a development that’s likely to bring a smile to the faces of Kard clan fans everywhere.

Apparently, Scott and Kourtney were inseparable during their time in Tahiti.

Kourt seemed to confirm those rumors by posting two pics in which she and Scott are seen enjoying a bike ride together.

Those who have been shipping this couple for years were overjoyed by what they saw as a sign that these two are willing to give their relationship a second chance.

“I ship this so hard,” one user commented.

“Get back together already, please!” added another.

“Imagine them back together,” a third chimed in.

An insider tells Life & Style that Scott and Kourtney stopped hooking up when they parted ways back in 2015, but in many other respects, they continued acting like a couple.

“Their dynamic is that she likes to care for him and he depends on her for support,” the source says.

Yes, it seems that Kourtney was always the more practical one in the relationship and she relied on Scott to add some fun and spontaneity to her life.

Of course, for a while there, Scott was a little too fun and spontaneous, and his partying gave way to daily self-medication.

Disick checked into rehab earlier this year, and sources say he’s sober and healthier than ever these days.

So maybe Kourtney is willing to give her newly-stable baby daddy a second chance?

Of course, another possibility is that these two are engaged in an elaborate publicity stunt to renew interest in their private lives.

After all, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is coming to an end next year, and the future of Scott and Kourtney’s careers has never been more uncertain.

Insiders say Scott is particularly upset that the show is ending, and he feels that the dramatic reduction in income will force him to make some major lifestyle changes.

So it’s possible that all these reconciliation hints are part of Scott and Kourtney’s effort to land a spin-off series.

Or perhaps we’re all just reading way too much into a photo of two exes enjoying a bike ride together.

Anything is possible with these two!

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