Kim Kardashian West's Beauty Co. Sued Over Trade Secrets

Kim Kardashian West‘s makeup line is on the verge of giving up a treasure trove of beauty secrets to another cosmetics company … or at least that’s what one company fears.

KKW Beauty is being sued by Seed Beauty, a company that claims there’s a concrete threat KKW will disclose Seed’s metaphorical secret sauce … if Kim’s company gets bought out.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Seed Beauty says it went through this with Kylie Jenner‘s old parent company, King Kylie, back in 2016 when Seed used its valuable trade secrets to grow that brand … which was acquired by Coty in 2019. In the suit, Seed says it warned Kylie not to disclose trade secrets during that deal, but didn’t get much reassurance.

Now, with Coty seemingly on the verge of acquiring Kim’s beauty line, Seed Beauty says it’s again deathly afraid Coty, the competition, will gain Seed’s precious intel from KKW.

SB claims it started working with KKW Beauty about a year after it started working with Kylie Cosmetics.

Now, Seed Beauty is asking the judge for an injunction blocking KKW from revealing its trade secrets and business practices to Coty … and other damages.

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