Kim Kardashian no longer considering divorce: ‘Kim still sees divorce as a last resort’

A week ago, Kim Kardashian spent about 24 hours in Wyoming with Kanye West. It was the first time they’d seen each other face-to-face in weeks, and they’d barely spoken to each other in those weeks leading up to the meeting. Kanye had been in a full-blown manic state, which we’ve seen from him before, but this manic episode felt different for Kim because he attacked her and her family in tweets. Kanye ended up apologizing to Kim via a tweet and she went to Wyoming to try to convince him to see his doctors or accept help. Immediately following that meeting, we heard a lot about how Kim “feels trapped” and she was very close to filing for divorce. But now… not so much?

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are trying to make their marriage work. After sources told PEOPLE that the reality star, 39, made a trip to Cody, Wyoming, to tell her rapper husband, 43, face to face that “their marriage is over and to say goodbye,” a source now says Kardashian is willing to repair their marriage. Though West had been ignoring Kardashian prior to their emotional meetup, the pair have been more in touch since she returned to Los Angeles, a source tells PEOPLE.

“After Kim left Cody, she and Kanye have been talking more. She feels like she did reach him on some levels during that trip,” the source says. “Before the trip, she was ready to end her marriage. But Kanye has been listening to her concerns. He has made some promises to her. Kim still sees divorce as a last resort. She is not there yet.”

“Kanye suggested that they take a family trip together and Kim agreed. She wants to do everything she can to save her marriage,” adds the source. “It’s all very complicated though. Kim wants him to get proper help and Kanye still doesn’t want to. Kim is just taking things day by day right now. She isn’t sure if their marriage can be saved, but she is willing to keep trying for their kids.”

The source explains that the Kardashian-Jenner family as a whole wants West to “get proper help” as they remain concerned for his mental health. “Kim’s family is supporting her as usual. They hate seeing her upset and struggling though,” says the source. “Although they understand that bipolar disorder is something very complex, Kanye causes a lot of hurt for the whole family. Everyone wants him to get proper help.”

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Ugh. I feel sorry for Kim. Kanye is like Lucy with the football and Kim is like Charlie Brown, believing that Kanye is finally going to show up for their marriage and their family and take his mental health seriously. Considering his quieter behavior over the past week, I’ve said before that I think the worst of this particular manic episode is over, and that’s all this is. This is an unmedicated man with bipolar disorder making promises to his wife which he will not keep long-term. That being said, I also believed that Kim was always going to have a personal issue with leaving Kanye when he was in a bad state – I think she is genuinely worried that if and when she files for divorce and leaves him, he will get much, much worse.

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