Kevin Spacey seen on US movie set for first time after allegations

PICTURED: Kevin Spacey seen back on movie set in US for first time after onslaught of sexual assault allegations

  • The actor, 62, was spotted on US soil filming his new movie Peter Five Eight 
  • It is the second film role he has booked since he faced numerous allegations and lawsuits over sexual misconduct 
  • In 2017 it came to light that 20 young men reported alleged sexual misconduct between 1995 and 2013
  • In 2018 the 62-year-old actor was charged with indecent assault stemming from an incident with a teenager in 2016
  • He pled not guilty and the felony sexual assault charge was dropped in 2019 after the victim invoked his Fifth Amendment right which stunted the case 
  • Most recently a 2019 lawsuit was brought forward by Media Rights Capital, the production company behind House of Cards 
  • Spacey was said to have ‘groped a production assistant’
  • He filed a countersuit saying the claims were ‘exaggerated’ and has always strenuously denied the claims of sexual assault made against him 

Kevin Spacey was spotted for the first time on a film set back on US soil for his new movie Peter Five Eight in Dunsmuir, California on August 24. 

The embattled actor, 62, was seen wearing all black and lighting up a cigarette during what marks his second film role since numerous sexual assault allegations came to light in 2017 and tanked his career. 

Over 20 men have accused the former House Of Cards star of sexual misconduct, but Spacey has continued to deny all assault allegations. 

The indie production is directed and written by Michael Zaiko Hall, whose career highlights involve visual effects work on Cars 3 and Incredibles 2, and will also star Jet Jandreau although little else is known about the film, such as a synopsis.

Pictured: Kevin Spacey was spotted for the first time on a film set back on US soil for his new movie Peter Five Eight in Dunsmuir, California on August 24

Spacey was seen on set surrounded by a small amount of production personnel wearing a black turtleneck and matching slacks with a wool overcoat. 

The actor looked relatively chipper all things considered as he flashed a smile at one point and lit up a cigarette before shooting some scenes. 

He has reportedly been filming in the small Northern California town this week ‘around the clock,’ per TMZ. 

In May he booked his first film role in virtually in four years, L’uomo che disegno Dio, — which translates to The Man Who Drew God — which shot in Italy. 

He never publicly commented on the role but the film’s director Franco Nero told ABC News in May: ‘I’m very happy Kevin agreed to participate in my film. I consider him a great actor and I can’t wait to start the movie.’ 

Spacey has been on the receiving end of cancel culture and the #MeToo movement since 2017 after 20 young men reported sexual misconduct by him at the London theater, the Old Vic, between 1995 and 2013. 

Second role: The House Of Cards actor had booked his first film role in May and shot L’uomo che disegno Dio in Italy

Lighting up! Spacey was seen wearing a black turtleneck and matching slacks with a wool coast as he lit up a cigarette 

Netflix dropped him from House Of Cards and after that point he kept a low profile, despite facing numerous lawsuits and an onslaught of assault allegations — all of which he has denied. 

The first to allege assault against Spacey was RENT star Anthony Rapp who told Buzzfeed News in October 2017, that in 1986, when he was just 14, a then-26-year-old Spacey climbed on top of him in a bed after a party and made a sexual advance.

Spacey tweeted in response that he was ‘horrified’ and did not remember the encounter which he called ‘inappropriate drunken behavior.’ 

In the second half of the tweet he shared that he was choosing ‘to live as a gay man’ and said he would be ‘examining my own behavior.’ 

Four years ago: Spacey has been on the receiving end of cancel culture and the #MeToo movement since 2017 after 20 young men reported sexual misconduct by him at the London theater, the Old Vic, between 1995 and 2013 

 A second theatre actor Roberto Cavazos also corroborated the story with his own and said he had ‘couple of unpleasant encounters’ with Spacey who he said squeezed him at one point.  

Just days later the two-time Oscar winner was dropped from his agency CAA and announced that same day that he would be seeking ‘evaluation and treatment.’ 

By mid November of that year 20 men over the age of 18 had come forward to accuse him of ‘a range of inappropriate behavior’ which included behavior that made them uncomfortable to inappropriate touching. 

In April 2018 the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office announced they were investigating one sexual assault allegation from 1992 in West Hollywood and two weeks later shared there was a second investigation for a 2016 incident in Malibu involving a masseuse.  

In September 2018 he was sued by the masseuse who said the American Beauty star had forced him to touch his genitals. The man claimed he suffered emotional pain and distress but Spacey’s attorneys maintained that the encounter was consensual.

Back to work! The embattled actor has been filming in Dunsmuir for the past week around the clock despite his semi-blacklisted status from Hollywood 

Kevin did not face charges for the alleged 1992 incident as the statue of limitations had expired and the victim was not underaged. 

Additionally the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office dropped the charges made against him by the masseuse because the alleged victim passed away during the investigation, and no case could be proven without a victim. The lawsuit was dismissed.   

Another incident involved a teenager on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts in 2016 where he was said to have plied the victim with alcohol, unzipped his pants and groped his genitals. 

Numerous victims: Spacey has faced allegations from no less than 30 victims over the years but has continued to deny and dodge any legal charges for a myriad of circumstances 

 He was charged with indecent assault but pled not guilty to the charges. After the victim invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination while testifying about a missing cellphone — which the victim claimed initially had footage via snapchat and text proof of the incident — Nantucket prosecutors dropped the felony sexual assault charges. 

‘The complaining witness was informed that if he chose to continue to invoke his Fifth Amendment right, the case would not be able to go forward,’ District Attorney Michael O’Keefe said in a statement. A civil lawsuit was also withdrawn by the victim.     

The latest allegation comes from production company Media Rights Capital (MRC) that is suing him and seeking millions in damages after they alleged in a 2019 lawsuit that he groped a production assistant on set, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Multiple sources claimed to THR that Spacey ‘groped the PA’ on-set who had been tasked with driving the actor to hospital after he injured his hand during a promotional shoot for the show. 

The assistant is said to have later complained to a superior about the incident. It is also alleged that he groped an actor who wanted to audition for the show. 

Nantucket court date: Spacey pictured in 2019, attending his arraignment for sexual assault charges at Nantucket District Court had reached out to representatives for the actor, who have so far been unavailable for comment. 

The company is claiming that Spacey’s alleged misconduct devalued the show, which ended up getting cancelled by Netflix. 

Spacey has reportedly filed a counterclaim against the independent production company, claiming the sexual misconduct and assault allegations against him have been ‘exaggerated.’

In his claim, Spacey alleges that MRC still owes him money, claiming they have not paid him after the first round of sexual misconduct allegations he faced in 2017, when Anthony Rapp claimed a then-26-year-old Spacey tried to sexually assault him when he was 14 in 1986. 

Spacey claims that MRC have illegally withheld his compensation following the multitude of accusations.   

Starring role: Spacey as Francis Underwood in the hit Netflix show House of Cards, which has since been cancelled following his personal controversies 

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