Kevin Hart Spills on His 'Off the Record' Conversation with Don Lemon Over Oscar Backlash

Despite saying on “GMA” that “you will not hear me say anything else about it, ever,” Hart talked about the Oscar debacle again with Andy Cohen.

Kevin Hart’s semi-apology tour continued on Wednesday morning during a new interview with Andy Cohen, just hours after saying he wouldn’t be addressing his Oscar controversy ever again.

During an appearance on Radio Andy, the comedian was put on the spot again by Cohen, who kicked off their interview by sharing a personal story about encountering homophobic language during another comedy show.

"I have to tell you my own personal thing, relating to being at an Eddie Murphy concert in 85," Cohen recalled. "Every other word out of his mouth was f—-t and everyone was laughing, I literally went in the bathroom and started crying." Cohen then said he was "happy" Hart had moved away from using that language himself.

Though he previously said he was done addressing the issue, he spilled a little more, "because it’s you," he said to Cohen.

"What I want people to understand, the fight is for equality, in my understanding and if that’s the fight, if the fight is equality, equal treatment, the only way to get there is understand and accept the change people have to make to get there," said Hart.

"If you’re not aware of the things you’re doing or saying and you’re not aware of the damage, when you are aware, it’s your job to change and make sure you don’t do it again," he continued. "There should be a level of acceptance and change. I don’t think you should tolerate these things, which is why the dope thing about me is there’s 10 years of change. Somehow that was kind of overlooked."

Hart then said his homophobic language hasn’t been part of his act for 10 years. "Not only has it not been there, you’ve seen no signs of it."

Cohen then asked if there was something from his past that made him take a step back and reconsider his material. "I had to address the joke and address the tweets. Even reading them, I was like, Oh shit, they got a point,’" Hart responded. "So then there’s change. So without addressing it or apologizing again, I’ve done it, you have to understand and accept the change."

The actor’s conversation with Don Lemon was then brought up, which went down after the CNN anchor delivered a passionate speech admonishing Hart’s words on air over the weekend.

"Me and Don had an off the record conversation. We both made valid points, he made one real strong point and when he made that point, I said I get it. I get that part," Hart said of their phone call. "And I rebuttaled [sic] with an amazing point and when I gave my rebuttal, he said, ‘F–k, I get it. I get that, Kevin.’ I said, look that means you have to meet half way. Let’s understand that, let’s move on."

Hart then said he found Lemon’s first speech "upsetting," which is why he reached out to the host. "We was on the phone for a while," he added.

They ended the Oscar talk with Andy asking whether he’ll ever host any award show in the future, something he clearly was not opposed to.

"I’m not like banning myself, this year was just, it wasn’t meant to be," he responded. "The opportunity was presented, I could have still done it, but I don’t have the time to make it my own. Right now, what’s the win in it? I’ll get picked apart. If that 7 minutes monologue is not perfection and epic, then I’ll read in the morning, ‘This is what we waited for?’"

He said he’s "very confident in my ability to walk in the fire and be okay," but there just isn’t enough time at this point to prepare a good show. He also added he has "no ill will" with the Academy.

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