Kate Hudson is a new Weight Watchers ambassador, but doesn’t she count calories?

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Kate Hudson announced a couple of weeks ago that she was planning to lose 25 pounds by this spring. She just had her third child, daughter Rani Rose, on October 2 and will have to balance caring for the baby, nursing, working and taking care of her other two children, Ryder, 14, and Bingham, 7. It’s possible, especially since her time is flexible, she has help and she was quite fit when she got pregnant. At the time of her announcement she was promoting her own health and wellness brand, Pretty Happy. However Weight Watchers has now made Kate a brand ambassador. She made the announcement to People Magazine.

The actress is the newest ambassador for WW — formerly Weight Watchers — and she’s thrilled to join the healthy lifestyle program two months after welcoming her third child, daughter Rani Rose.

“It came at a perfect time for me, because at this point after having three babies it’s like sense memory. You want to start getting back into shape and to get strong again and focus on your own personal health,” Hudson, 39, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It’s hard when you have babies. Everyone comes before you, and you have to find that time to just focus in on yourself.”

“I don’t think it’s as much about changing anything, as it is about knowledge of the things that you love,” she says. “That’s the thing that sets it apart to me from everything else. This is about understanding your wellness. It’s about understanding your fitness activity, understanding your food, understanding the things that you love. It’s about how to balance…

“I can’t wait to start hashtagging ‘zero points’ on everything!” she says, laughing. “I went and had sushi last night and I was plugging everything in, and I was like, ‘Ooh, edamame is zero points.’ I got really excited about that. It makes it fun…

“A skinny margarita is like 5 points,” Hudson says. “I’m going to leave myself my points so I can have my margarita!”

“One of my passions in life is wanting people to live their most optimum life, whether it be in health or in happiness. And I think that one of the number one things for that is community, and finding a community that can support you,” she says. “WW is, to me, the perfect community for that…

“I am excited to walk down a street and have someone come up and say they’re a part of the community, because it means they’re doing something good for themselves, and that they want to be a part of a community that’s about something that’s really inspiring,” she says.

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I think the appeal of WW is in the community as Kate mentioned. It’s simplified calorie counting emphasizing whole foods and fiber, but it does work, it’s less gimmicky than other diet programs, you don’t have to buy their food and it’s body positive. Out of all the commercial diet programs I think it’s the best. Kate has said in the past that she counts calories and uses MyFitnessPal. WW isn’t incompatible with that, it’s just a slightly different system that isn’t free. I understand why she’s pairing with them and they are a decent company, especially after Oprah got on board. They also hired Kevin Smith to represent them! Also Weight Watchers become WW in September, but this is the first I’m hearing about it. That’s a little weird.

Here’s Oprah and Kate facetiming. Yes she’s perfect for this:

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