Kate Gosselin Reveals Twins Mady & Cara, 18, May Get Own Spinoff Show For College

There could possibly be even more Gosselin spin-off shows in our future! Kate Gosselin revealed if her children will possibly do their own show – details inside!

At a Television Critics Association event on Feb. 12, Kate Gosselin, 43, talked about her upcoming reality show, Kate Plus Date, in which her twin daughters Mady and Cara, both 18, and professional matchmakers will help her with her dating life. When asked if her children will have spin-off shows that focus on their college lives as they continue to grow up, Kate gave a very mom-approved answer!

“I mean that’s absolutely up to them,” Kate said. “I think it’s something that Mady and Cara have discussed potentially. And that’s up to them. I imagine as with anything, some may want to, some may not. And that’s totally fine. It’s up to them. It’s always been up to them.” We respect that Kate left it up to her kids to decide – we totally commend her on that mature choice, since they’re now becoming young adults who can make their own decisions!

Kate also said that her children are “well-adjusted” and “intelligent,” and that being on reality television throughout their childhood has “enriched their lives.”

“It has made them world-wise and taught them a lot about people’s intentions I think more so than other kids their age, and they are at the age now at eighteen and almost fifteen where they are able to choose, essentially, you know, a job, if you will, whether it be filming our show or working at the local fast food restaurant,” Kate said.

“So they are very intelligent and informed, and I don’t worry about that, because we started this when they were very young and, obviously, as a parent, you always want to do the best for your kids,” Kate revealed. “They’ve turned out great, and they are very, very supportive of this, and it’s opened up so many opportunities for our family. And, so, it’s been great. It’s been, essentially, a family business and it’s allowed me to work with my kids kind of in and out of frame. Everything has goods and bads and definitely the bads — or the goods overwhelmingly outweigh the bads.”

The Gosselin family rose to fame more than a decade ago in 2007 while on the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which chronicled Kate and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, 41, raising eight children. We’ll have to tune in to Kate Plus Date to see how her dating life develops, but we’re also on the edge of our seat to see if Mady and Cara get their own spin-off, too!

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