Kaley Cuoco Slams Baby Bump Comments: ‘Would You Ask Me To My Face If I Was Pregnant?

This ‘Big Bang Theory’ star isn’t expecting, so stop asking about her stomach! Kaley Cuoco had an epic response for fans who thought she had a baby bump. See what she had to say!

Kaley Cuoco, 33, may have written in her Instagram bio that she has “many different 4-legged children,” but that’s it! The actress, who married Karl Cook, 27, in June, isn’t expecting a baby. So when her social media followers started flooding her Dec. 20 post with comments about her “baby bump,” Kaley wasn’t having it — and she clapped back! “I’m so sorry I bent over in a way to where my dress billowed int he wind and made you think this,” she wrote on her Instagram story, circling a few of the speculative comments. “Would you walk up to me and ask this straight to my face?” We sure hope not!

So what was the picture that had fans so set on baby bump rumors? Taken on her Italy vacation, Kaley and her husband were both leaning way forward for a kiss. The shot was captioned, “Love in Lugano,” and with a long maxi dress on the actress and her hands clasped behind her back, her stomach was on full display. But even after she denied rumors that she and Karl were expecting, some of her followers still couldn’t let it go. One commented on the photo, “But you looked pregnant in tonight’s episode of Big Bang Theory as well,” and another added bluntly, “You pregnant?”

No wonder Kaley was so frustrated! It’s true that most social media trolls would never be so forward in real life as they are online. And this isn’t the first time this has happened to the star since she tied the knot! “I posted a picture this morning of my sister and I from an event last night and people said I looked pregnant,” she wrote in October. “Now, would you ever walk up to someone on the street or at an event where they’re obviously dressed up and say, ‘Are you pregnant?’ It’s just so comedic and shocking that people would ask that. I’m not pregnant. I guess it was a pregnant angle. Seriously, shut up.”

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But if it makes Kaley feel any better, she isn’t the only one being asked about pregnancy — far from it! Fans of TLC’s Counting On reality show have been asking any Duggar sister in a baggy sweater if she has another baby on the way. As soon as Lauren Swanson, 19, married Josiah Duggar, 22, every pic she posted was under suspicion.

But here’s the thing, if these stars want to tell their fans that they’re pregnant, they will! Otherwise, it’s really nobody’s business but theirs.

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