JWoww Filed A Restraining Order Against Her Estranged Husband Roger Mathews

The Blast is reporting that Jersey Shore’s JWoww, AKA Jenny Not From The Block, AKA Jennifer Lynn Farley, is in some serious drama with her estranged husband/future ex Roger Mathews. They’ve been in the middle of a divorce for about two months now, and he’s been trying to get her back. But things took an extra messy turn this morning. Roger woke up early this morning to the police at his door. The police at your door is never a good sign, but if it’s after midnight you know someone is either dead or you’re about to get arrested.

According to a video documentary shot in the back of a squad car courtesy of Roger’s Instagram page, it all started when Roger and JWoww got into a fight because Roger didn’t want JWoww to leave for work since their sick daughter was expecting to spend the day with her. JWoww threatened to call the cops on Roger so he said, “Allow me,” and called them himself.

Apparently nothing happened from that call to the cops but he told them JWoww was going to “make up a fake story”. Then, Roger went to do a podcast and went back home to sleep. At 2:00 am Roger was woken up by police officers who let him know that JWoww had “contacted a judge and got a restraining order”. Roger was taken by the cops and got into the police car where his video commentary occurs. The cops kept Roger in the back of their cruiser for a while since he was not allowed to return to his home where his kids were.

After Roger arrived at a friend’s house and got out of the police car, he continued his story about JWoww’s evil and “hate-filled” soul. Roger even suggested that JWoww is actually Gone Girl and would hit herself in the face to frame him. What a mess.

Roger’s video documentary is sloppy, but I do want to give a shoutout to the police officer who tossed up the peace sign to his Instagram followers; what a team player. Every messy Instagram video needs a cameo appearance by that cop.

If you want to watch Roger’s emotional roller coaster of drama, here’s all his Instagram videos. He even dragged Cyndi Lauper into it.

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A wave of truth is coming.

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And finally this update to Roger’s “Truth Diaries”:

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