Justin Timberlake Donates Wheelchair-Accessible Van To Teen With Cerebral Palsy

Justin Timberlake donated a wheelchair-accessible van to a teenager who is suffering from cerebral palsy.

17-year-old Jake Stitt is a local hero in Morristown, Tennessee, as he is known in his hometown for sitting in his wheelchair outside with a sign that reads “Honk if you’re happy.”

To support Jake’s father Tim Stitt, who is his primary caregiver, actor and Morristown native Michael Abbott Jr. started a fundraiser for a $35,000 wheelchair-accessible van.

When the effort fell short of raising the targeted fund, Timberlake was so moved that he pitched in and bought the $35,000 van on the eve of Thanksgiving Day.

“I heard there was a goal to try to get this van before Thanksgiving.
I heard your story and saw a little news clip about it and I was just so moved”, the superstar from Memphis said in a Zoom chat with the Stitts. “I want you guys to have a great holiday, and you inspire me Jake.”

“It’s going to make my life a lot easier because there’s not many people that can lift him up and sit him in a van like he needs,” WJHL-TV quoted Tim as saying. “It’s going to make our lives so much easier because of the independence he’s going to have as a young man now.”

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