Justin Bieber Fans Freak After His Phone Number May Have Been Shared During Apparent Twitter Hack

Beliebers are freaking out after Justin Bieber seemingly tweeted, then deleted, his phone number on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, it seems he may have been the victim of a Twitter hack!

“Had to change it,” Justin Bieber cryptically tweeted on Dec. 24. “Hit me at +505 5853 1341. I’m on WhatsApp too.” Less than ten minutes later, the tweet was mysteriously deleted, but that wasn’t fast enough — fans started freaking out that the singer had shared his phone number on social media! “Is this Justin Bieber’s phone number or what?” one person tweeted. Another added, “Justin’s dropping his phone number like it’s nothing damn I luv him.”

This is the second time recently that something like this happened on Justin’s account, as over the weekend, someone hacked his Twitter and posted a phone number. It’s unclear if the number actually belongs to Justin, or if the hacker is just trolling us. Or, perhaps it’s just Justin himself trolling the fans?! However, while many loyal Beliebers were stoked about the fact that he may have shared his phone number on Twitter, many were not buying it, and asked for something else instead: New music!

“I don’t want Justin Bieber’s phone number or WhatsApp I want new music and I want it now,” someone wrote. Another person added, “Respect you but if you got nothing to do we don’t want your number we want music ok.” It’s been more than three years since Justin released a full-length album, and fans are getting antsy!

Of course, the singer has been prioritizing his personal life over his career this last year. In 2018, he even got married to Hailey Baldwin! The two have been inseparable since getting back together in June, and all weekend long they’ve been sharing photos and videos with their new puppy, Oscar. Hopefully 2019 will be the year of new music, but for now, it seems like Justin is enjoying that newlywed bliss!

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