Jussie Smollett On Why He Didn't Give His Phone To The Police, And People Doubting His Attack Story

Yesterday in Night Crumbs, I linked to a preview of Jussie Smollett’s interview with Robin Roberts for Good Morning America where he said he wasn’t only pissed off at his attackers, but he’s also pissed off at those who are attacking him with claims that he either made the whole thing up or made up parts of it. The full interview aired on GMA today, and Jussie responded to those who think his racist and homophobic attack was really a Grindr hook-up gone wrong. He also had an explanation for those who heard about him not handing over his phone to the police immediately and threw him the kind of suspicious look that his TV dad Terrence Howard throws at an ass that doesn’t smell baby wipes-fresh.

On January 29, Jussie had just arrived back in Chicago late at night and went to a Subway near his apartment building to get some food. While coming back from Subway, Jussie claims that two slimy butt burps attacked him, put rope around his neck, yelled slurs at him, and poured bleach on him before running off while screaming, “This is MAGA country!” The FBI was brought in to investigate, along with Chicago PD, because days before, a death threat addressed to Jussie arrived at the studio where his show Empire shoots and the return address simply said: MAGA.

Jussie gave a few more details and cleared some details up to Robin, saying that while walking back to his apartment from Subway, he was talking to his manager Brandon Z. Moore, when he heard someone scream, “Empire!”, at him. Jussie says his masked attackers called him some slurs and said, “This is MAGA country,” before punching him in the face. Jussie punched back and the two went at it, as his second attacker kicked him in the back. Jussie says they stopped suddenly and ran off. Jussie then realized that a rope was around his neck and also realized that his manager was still on the phone and heard it all.

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