Jordan Peele Spooked Everyone Over Christmas With The Trailer For “Us”

There’s nothing a basic #woke white huss loves more than to say how Jordan Peele’s Get Out transformed cinema with its message of race relations and proving what I’ve thought for years: Allison Williams is one shifty bitch. Jordan has hinted he was working on a movie for a while now, and he finally dropped the trailer (co-starring the return of I Got 5 On It) for that movie – called Us – on Christmas. Thanks, Santa? In short, its message is to prove we’re our own worst enemy. Well, no shit, Sherlock.

Vulture said Jordan actually screened the trailer to reporters last week and said this film is more about a new type of horror genre and not just a regurgitation of how race relations are shit in the country. We see plenty of that every day on CNN! He didn’t say that, but he did talk about his new “monster” for Us:

“Stories about monsters are one of our best ways of getting at deeper truths and facing our fears as a society. [It is] about something that’s become an undeniable fact: the simple truth that we are our own worst enemies.”

I mean, I ate six slices of pie yesterday after multiple courses of Christmas dinner, Jordan. I didn’t need a two-hour movie that stars Winston Duke, Lupita Nyong’o, and Elisabeth Moss to confirm the obvious. Winston and Lupita have two kids and, while the trailer doesn’t give that much away, it seems like they run into their murderous doppelganger family in their driveway. The demonic family who rocks the same lewks as the “real” one wield scissors and oddly the same blank eye expression that I had yesterday between pie slice three and pie slice four.

There’s some weird shit where Lupita loses her kid at the beach but comes across him approaching some dude with bloody fingers. Honestly, I’ve seen worse at the public beaches I go to in the summer, but that might be because those are the sketchy kind where the lifeguards look the other way when I cart in multiple boxes of Franzia. Oh, speaking of blood and scissors, it also seems like Elisabeth will be attacked at some point in this movie. Interestingly, she has the same pained expression during the scissor scene that she does anytime she has to share a room with Leah Remini. In short, I have no clue what this movie is going to be about.

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