Jon Bon Jovi’s Rosé Wins Accolades

Jon Bon Jovi‘s wine, “Hampton Water,” has been named the top-ranked rosé of 2018 by Wine Spectator.

Bon Jovi developed the wine, a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre, with his son Jesse Bongiovi and French wine maker Gerard Bertrand.

In response to the news, the singer said, “It’s an incredible honour to be on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2018, let alone ranked as the top rosé.” “It’s a testament to all of our hard work and I could not be more proud to share our excitement for, and love of, Hampton Water with people all over the world,” he added.

“Creating this wine with Gérard was just as creative as collaborating with another songwriter,” according to Bon Jovi.

Hampton Water, priced at $25, is described by Bertrand as a “fresh and lively rose´, with distinctive minerality.”

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