Joe Giudice’s Deportation Appeal Denied: Everything To Know About What’s Next For The Star

Is Joe Giudice about to say ‘arrivederci’ to the United States? The ‘RHONJ’ star’s latest attempt to avoid being deported to Italy was shot down, so what is next for Teresa Giudice’s husband?

Joe Giudice’s time is running out. The Italian-born Joe, 46, is to be kicked out of the country following his 41-month prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud, and his efforts to avoid this fate recently suffered a setback. Joe’s legal team appealed this deportation decision, but E! News reports that the Board of Immigration Appeals ruled against him in an April 6 decision. If that wasn’t bad enough, he had to find out about it through the mail since the process is “done entirely by mail.” However, this doesn’t mean that Joe and his wife, Teresa Giudice, 46, have to abandon all hope, as he has one last chance at avoiding his fate. 

On April 17, Joe’s legal team filed a petition for the federal court to review the appeals decision. He’s basically appealing the appeal, and this is his last shot at saving himself. If the federal court refuses to review the appeal, E! News reports that Joe “will get deported.” That’s not all – if Joe is deported, he can kiss his marriage good-bye, because while Teresa has constantly supported him through this ordeal, an insider EXCLUSIVELY told that “made it clear she’s not going to stop or change her life or plans” and she will divorce him.

“Teresa, of course, feels sad for her daughters that they’re missing their dad, but she needs to do what’s best for the girls,” the insider said, adding that Teresa and her kids – Gia, 18, Audriana, 10, Gabriella, 15, and Milania, 14 – are “not moving to Italy. Period.”

Joe was a year old when his family moved to the United States, and though he’s lived in America for all of his life, he never went through the process to obtain citizenship. Immigrants can be deported from the country if they’re convicted of “a crime of moral turpitude” or an “aggravated felony.” Since he was sentenced to 41-months for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud, the courts decided that he’ll be shipped out once his sentence is up.

Joe’s family is already preparing this harsh reality. “I think they’re worse than ever,” Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, said when talking with us in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “He doesn’t want to be there. It’s worse than where he was. So, [his family is] really worried about him. And now it’s down to the wire, when he was away, he was doing his time. Okay, you’re just going day by day, but now, any day now, it could be like you’re done. See ya later.”

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