Jimmy Fallon was friend-zoned by Kate Hudson

First, there was the failed date with Nicole Kidman, and now Jimmy Fallon has revealed he was friend-zoned by Kate Hudson.

During a “Loaded Questions” segment with Margot Robbie on Monday’s “Tonight Show,” the host admitted he once thought he was on a date with his former “Almost Famous” co-star but was sadly mistaken.

“I thought for a second … We hung out and we were friends,” he told Robbie. “I thought, ‘Maybe there could be something.’ She’s cool and we got along.”

Fallon, 44, decided to first take Hudson, 39, to see the sketch comedy troupe “Kids in the Hall.”

“Were at ‘Kids in the Hall’ and she sees Chris Robinson, the lead singer of The Black Crowes, and we meet him for the first time,” Fallon explained.

The next day, Fallon invited Hudson to go ice skating in Central Park. Then she asked if she could borrow some of his Black Crowes CDs.

“We ice skated maybe three or four times around the rink and then I go, ‘So, what are you doing now?’ And she goes, ‘I gotta go because I have a date with Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes.’”

Hudson went on to marry Robinson in 2000. The couple had one son together before splitting in 2007.

Fallon joked, “And I never got my CDs back!”

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