Jennifer Garner may be wearing an engagement ring in an Instagram video

Jennifer Garner did an Instagram video talk with her friend Judy Greer. It’s 25 minutes long and honestly I did not watch the whole thing, but you can see it below. They talked about their drinking habits during the pandemic, with Garner saying that she noticed she was drinking about a half glass of wine a night and maybe two on the weekends. Both Garner and Greer said that they are careful about how much they drink and have able to go without booze for week. They did not sound like they have issues with alcohol at all, but it’s good that they’re conscientious about it. I’ve been sober five years and I would not need to abstain entirely if I could have a half drink a night or just two on a weekend night. I was never able to do that.

Garner is getting the most headlines for wearing what looks like an engagement ring on her left ring finger. She was drinking tea from a mug. It looked like she wanted everyone to see her ring and talk about it. If so, this was a cute way to make the announcement! It’s a pretty three stone gold pearl ring and it’s unique and understated. It looks like it could be an antique ring, maybe something that’s been in her boyfriend’s family.

If Garner is engaged, congratulations! She’s been back together with John Miller since April of this year. They were previously together from about the fall of 2018 until the summer of 2020. US reported at the time of their split than Miller wanted to get married but that Garner wasn’t ready yet. The last we heard about them they were planning to introduce their kids to each other. Did he propose and did she accept? So far we don’t have any official word, so we’ll have to see. She hasn’t denied the rumors yet either.

This photo is from yesterday and she’s not wearing the ring out.

However on Wednesday she was wearing it on her middle finger. I bet it’s an heirloom ring and it’s too big for her!

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