Jennifer Esposito Responds to Backlash Over Comment About Ex Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga

Jennifer Esposito is setting the record straight about her comment about ex husband Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga‘s 2019 Academy Awards performance.

After David Spade wrote, “Is there any chance these 2 aren’t f**king?” about their performance, the 45-year-old NCIS actress responded to his post writing, “Ha.”

Fans then started calling Jennifer out over her comment claiming that she was mocking the co-stars.

Jennifer then took to Instagram on Tuesday (February 26) to address the backlash.

“You know so many people have been commenting about something that I said which was like this: ‘Ha.’ That was it. And in the way that it has spread,” Jennifer began. “It was towards David Spade’s very outward statement about something about an ex, and I literally laughed at him because he was so bold in what he was saying. I thought it was funny and I’m allowed to think something is funny.”

“I didn’t watch the Oscars; I don’t know what went on, I don’t care what went on,” Jennifer continued. “I commented on something that I thought was funny… And to find that people are making judgment calls about me or them or the people that the comment was about is really psychotic.”

Jennifer then added: “I literally said, ‘Ha.’ It’s two letters and for that, you make character judgments. I feel bad for those people who are involved on the other side of the ‘Ha’ because it wasn’t at them, and I feel bad for you if you took your time to comment on such insanity today.”

“The world is in a crazy place, please go do something positive,” Jennifer concluded. “Peace.”

Jennifer and Bradley were married for a few months back in 2006.

Watch Jennifer‘s video below.

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