Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Thank U, Jeff’ hilariously parodies Ariana Grande

“Thank U, Jeff” is the “Thank U, Next” parody Arianators didn’t know they needed.

Jeff Goldblum appeared on “The Late Late Show,” where he and host James Corden created their own version of Ariana Grande‘s hit track and music video. In the spoof, Corden dresses in silk pajamas and sings about the “Nine Months” actor while looking at his Goldblum-dedicated Burn Book that’s filled with odes to the 66-year-old actor.

“First saw him in ‘The Fly,’ where his face was grotesque. Then he won independence from an alien mess,” Corden sang, referring to “Independence Day.” “In ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ his performance was classic. But who could forget the hot doctor that he played in ‘Jurassic’?”

Later in the video, Goldblum takes on Kris Jenner’s imitation of Amy Poehler from the original video and holds up a video camera to record Corden on stage as he dances with men dressed as Goldblum’s most iconic characters.

Grande caught wind of the spoof and immediately requested Corden’s Burn Book.

“omg…… may i please….. please for christmas have the thank u, jeff book? it’s for a friend. promise,” she tweeted.

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