Jason Momoa Makes Amber Heard Go ‘Crazy’ for Ripping Off Her Book on Movie Set

Actor Jason Momoa drove Amber Heard “crazy” on the set of “Aquaman” by ripping out pages from her books when she wasn’t looking.

The stars play king and queen in the kingdom of Atlantis in the new DC Comics blockbuster, but Jason’s behaviour in between takes was far from regal as he turned into a real joker, targetting “book worm” Amber in an effort to gain her attention.

“I love Jason, we had so much fun together… (but) he is allergic to being ignored!” she laughed on breakfast show “Good Morning America“. “And I am a book worm, I love to read, so whenever there’s a break on set I like to read.”

The actress would keep her book of choice close by during filming so she could always pick up where she left off, but Jason decided to sabotage the novels in a playful prank.

“He quickly learned (that she’d have a book on hand), so he adopted this method of ripping the pages of my book, so I’d pay attention to him, and it’d drive me crazy because I’d have 30 pages left and they’d be gone!” Amber exclaimed.

She eventually found a way to keep her novels safe, thanks in part to the creative wardrobe team.

“I’m 30 feet in the air, suspended on high wires during these large set ups, and somebody would rush in and throw my book up at me (during breaks), and I would feel so bad that somebody was going out of their way to do that, so I eventually was like, ‘No, it’s OK,’ and they could just tell I was going crazy (out of boredom),” Amber shared.

“So wardrobe made me a book bag, built out of the green screen material (enabling filmmakers to digitally erase the bag), so I could sling it over me and just… pull out my book (in between shoots).”

Enabling Amber to indulge in her love of reading on set wasn’t the only way prop masters helped the actress out – they also created a special post for her to use while wearing her tight-fitting bodysuit costume, which forced her to remain standing during the early stages of filming.

“For the first six months, I couldn’t sit down… in our really short days of 16, 17 hours…!” she quipped. “I had to lean, so they built me a leaning board for my breaks…”

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