Jasmine Harman ‘never bothers’ to read A Place In The Sun script saying ‘there’s no point’

A Place in the Sun: Jasmine Harman comforts emotional buyer

Jasmine Harman first joined the line up in 2004 and recently celebrated the 21st anniversary of A Place In The Sun. The Channel 4 favourite has now opened up about her reservations about fronting the property show as she expressed her fear of “something going wrong”.

After 16 years of presenting the show, Jasmine has grown accustomed to thinking on her feet, as she claimed “there’s no point” following a script.

Jasmine explained: “The most important thing for a television presenter or someone who is doing a similar job to me is to just be yourself.

“That’s the only key to it and if you can do that it doesn’t matter if you can’t remember lines, you just have to be a bit more reactive.”

Jasmine admitted she tends to not follow scripts because she is engaging in real conversations with house hunters, who plan to purchase a home abroad.

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“I never even bother to read scripts because these are real people we are working with and you don’t know what they’re going to say,” the property expert remarked.

“So there’s no point in following the script. You just have to make it like it’s a real conversation.”

She added: “My apprehension was that I wanted to be good at it.

“I was worried about fluffing [my lines] but then I realised there was nothing to worry about in that respect.”

The mum-of-two did also have apprehensions joining A Place In The Sun over a decade ago – as she didn’t have any presenting experience.

Jasmine said: “I had never done anything TV-wise before at all.

“I was quite nervous and I was hopeful that I’d be good at it, and wouldn’t let anyone down.”

She went on: “The filming side was most nerve-wracking for me.


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“Talking to people about moving abroad and buying property, trying to understand what their motivations were and what they are looking for – that all came really naturally to me.”

Jasmine added: “The thing I was worried about was trying to remember lines or would I have to follow a script and how would I remember everything.

“Or what if I said something wrong.”

The property expert has since gone onto enjoy a longstanding career on A Place In The Sun and has no plans to stop fronting the show.

Speaking about her future on the programme, Jasmine admitted she’ll always be on board.

“I’ll be doing the show, I hope, for as long as it’s being made,” she exclaimed.

“As long as people want to buy properties overseas, and people still want to watch other people buying properties overseas, then we’ll carry on making these shows.”

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.


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