James Corden Visits White House and 'Brightens Up the Place' With Harry Styles Pics

James Corden popped by the White House for some adventures in politicking, food services, and Oval Office redecorating on The Late Late Show Thursday, June 30. 

The clip opened with Corden assuming his new role as President Joe Biden’s assistant, offering tedious time updates, fetching the president an Edible Arrangement, and not-so-subtly covering up a bust of Harry Truman with a photo of Harry Styles. “Cover one Harry with another Harry, that’s what I’m saying,” Corden quipped. “I just think it brightens the place up.”

Also during his visit, Corden stopped by the White House kitchen where he learned about all the food safety precautions in place — and then proceeded to suck down some soft serve ice cream straight from the machine. He also stopped by the White House briefing room where he did a horrible job fielding questions from reporters. When asked whether Biden’s polling numbers could get any lower, Corden stammered authoritatively, “I think they will… I think they will and they can get lower, so you’re wrong.”

Corden’s visit ended with him back in the Oval Office and trying to convince Biden to swap his signature aviator sunglasses for some different shades. Though the president declined, he did gift the comedian a matching pair, and when Corden asked who was Goose and who was Maverick, Biden quipped, “You can be my wingman any time.”

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