James Corden Gets Restraining Order Against Woman He Claims Wants To Marry Him

James Corden is getting protection from a woman he claims keeps showing up at his home, venting her frustration over his wife and imagining them getting hitched.

“The Late Late Show” host’s legal team beelined it to court and got a temporary restraining order … to protect James and his family from a 30-year-old woman he claims has been harassing them for months.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, James claims the woman staked out his Los Angeles home on multiple occasions, including a 6-day stretch this summer where he says she was camped outside his residence in her car and only left when cops got involved.

James claims the woman’s harassing behavior keeps escalating, and he says she even showed up at “The Late Late Show” set claiming she was there to marry him.

Marriage seems to be a theme here, even though James says he doesn’t know the woman. He claims she told cops they were planning to travel to Las Vegas to get hitched, and says she’s expressed frustration that his wife “stole” him from her and once his wife is “out of the picture” they can be together.

James says she’s concerned the woman was able to find his home and keeps coming back … and he fears she poses a threat to his wife and kids.

The judge granted James’ temporary restraining order, requiring the woman to stop all attempts to contact him and stay 100 yards away from him, his wife and their kids.

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