Jackie Chan Admits He’s ‘Total Jerk’ in New English Memoir: Cheating, Hitting Son

Jackie Chan bares all about his personal life in his English memoir “Never Grow Up”. In the new book, which was first published in Chinese in 2015 before it was translated to English this year, the famous star makes some bombshell revelations including his infidelity and his relationship with son Jaycee Chan.

According to an excerpt obtained by Variety, the Chinese actor admitted to a “serious mistake” he made in 1999. Referring to his cheating scandal, Chan wrote, “When the news broke about an affair I’d had that resulted in a child, the media frenzy was like a bomb going off.”

He went on detailing how he handled things at that time and how he wanted to reach out to his wife, Joan Lin. “I wanted to phone Joan but I didn’t know what to say,” he continued. “I wouldn’t be able to explain this.”

The book also saw him talking about his relationship with Jaycee, revealing that he used to hit his son once when he was still young. “When [my son Jaycee] was still young, I hit him once, and was very heavy-handed — directly lifting him and throwing him onto the sofa,” wrote the “Rush Hour” star.

“That time I really scared him and his mother to death, and I myself was very regretful,” he admitted, according to the excerpt.

While Chan mentioned 36-year-old Jaycee, whom he shares with Lin, in the book, he failed to talk about his estranged gay daughter Etta Ng. The 19-year-old is his child from his affrair with beauty queen Elaine Ng Yi Lei.

Back in April, Etta revealed in a YouTube video that she and her girlfriend Andi Autumn had been sleeping under a bridge “due to homophobic parents.” In response to the video, Ng said that instead of making a video telling the world that they’re broke, they should have found a job to support themselves.

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