Inside Charlotte Crosby’s huge mansion complete with lavish indoor swimming pool

She branded it her "favourite place" and Charlotte Crosby’s Newcastle country pile is definitely one to be envied.

Worth a staggering £1million the six-bedroom palace boasts an indoor pool, walk-in wardrobe, state of the art kitchen and sun-capturing balcony.

In her tell-all autobiography Charlotte always said she wanted to pour her earnings, from Geordie Shore, Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on the Beach, into a property of her dreams.

It was months in the making, but Charlotte’s plush pad, which she helped design entirely from scratch, shows off her taste for the high life perfectly.

The pool is conveniently situated next to the front room, her walk-in wardrobe displays her endless designer dresses, a huge spiral staircase is often the backdrop to many a promo snap and the state-of-the-art kitchen is also heavily featured on Instagram.

And the property is so big that she couldn’t even furnish all the rooms at first.

Earlier this month, Charlotte showed off her ultra cosy living room as she posed for a photo alongside her god-daughter and her pal’s pet pooch.

Boasting some soft suede sofas and a fluffy carpet the neutral coloured room seems like the perfect place to recuperate from a night on the Toon.

Charlotte has also given a fans a glimpse at where all her night outs start – her very spacious bathroom.

While flaunting her ultra short mini skirt and thigh high boots outfit combo, Charlotte inadvertently gave fans a look at where she gets ready and applies her make-up.

And just after her move in date in 2016, Charlotte made fans green with envy when she gave them a quick tour of her massive home.

In the video, she begins by showing off her large living room and kitchen area which she has furnished with cream sofas, fur rugs and describes as "pretty amazing."

Unfortunately, the mansion is so big she hasn’t had time to actually buy furniture for it and she says that "not every room is full, but the important ones are."

Charlotte appeared annoyed when she described how angry she was that she had to carry her half-full suitcase up the long grand stairs when she first moved in. First world problems, eh, Charlotte.

Her home is also the backdrop to her reality series, The Charlotte Show, and had to be kitted out with studio-level lights to enable camera crews to film.

"This is my house, now, so basically this is what happens, the film crew are just constantly here," she said on Snapchat.

"I woke up about an hour ago and they’re just all in the house somewhere, walking around.

"Every ceiling in the house now has lighting in because my rooms were too dark and apparently you couldn’t see us."


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