India Reynolds says OnlyFans is ‘great’ for her career and family ‘support’ her on the platform

India Reynolds says she enjoys using OnlyFans and that her family and friends support her on the subscription platform.

India, 31, rose to fame on hit ITV show Love Island but her successful career in the spotlight also sees the brunette beauty modelling lingerie.

Now, India tells OK! that OnlyFans is helping her to create better content for her loyal follower base.

"OnlyFans is a great platform, and it wasn't created for rude and explicit pictures but rather as a subscription platform. There are loads of people on there doing loads of different things. It's got a bit of a bad name for itself and reputation.

"My family and friends are so supportive and there's nothing on there that I wouldn't post on Instagram anyway," India shared.

India models in gorgeous lingerie pieces on her OnlyFans account and Instagram, to a loyal follower base, and recently launched her fifth collection with Pour Moi.

The beautiful India Loves collaborations have been popular with a string of famous faces, including Shaughna Phillips, Demi Jones and Vicky Pattison.

India shared that her OnlyFans content in lingerie isn't dissimilar to what she shares on Instagram with her 983,000 followers.

She told OK!: "Whoever wants to use it, each to their own, but for me it's really nice because with Instagram I follow a brief or style an item or get told how to set up a picture, but with OnlyFans I own my own content and create it for my subscribers and they can buy into what I post and what I want to create.

"I've spent quite a lot of time over the past few weeks filming cooking and food videos and styling hauls and it means that I can put in money into filming and editing for people that want to see it. You own everything you post too, which is great."

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India also commented on Sarah Jayne Dunn being fired from Hollyoaks after using OnlyFans.

"I know there's a Hollyoaks underwear calendar, or there definitely used to be, so if they're ok about that then I don't know what she was doing differently and why they wouldn't want to use her anymore. If she was doing the same as the calendar then what is wrong with it?" India questioned.

The star, who champions pilates as her go-to workout, admits her new range with Pour Moi makes her feel "sexy."

She says of the range: "They try and make all women feel good. The brand is all about feeling sexy, having fun, and empowering each other.

"When I first started working with them I found it very hard to find bras. It's nice to work with a company that has something for everyone. They make people feel body confident, and we have lots of people tagging us on Instagram so they must be loving it and feeling confident enough to be able to share those pictures. It's not just young girls either, there are older women and people of all ages."

The chic new collection includes seductive lace designs, including a rose gold longline bra and India's favourite; a deep purple bra which she says is "perfect for fuller bust women."

India Loves x Pour Moi collection is available exclusively online at pourmoi

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