How reality TV impacts the ‘Botched’ doctors at work

Reality TV is great exposure for businesses, but it can also make things uncomfortable in the office when the cameras stop rolling.

Both Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow appeared on reality shows before starring on “Botched,” with Nassif having a brief stint on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” aside his then-wife Adrienne Maloof and Dubrow appearing on “The Swan,” “Bridalplasty” and “The Real Housewives of Orange County” alongside his wife Heather Dubrow. Both doctors operate their own medical practices outside of their E! show, and they find that the line between their personal and professional lives can get blurry.

“I don’t like talking about my personal life when I’m at work,” Nassif, 56, recently told Page Six. “I’m not into it. I kind of shut it down. Maybe it’s not the nicest way but I try to say, ‘Listen. You’re here for this. Yeah, my kids are fine. Thank you for asking and let’s move on.’ [Dubrow] doesn’t. [Dubrow] actually get[s] into it.”

“I’m a lot nicer guy,” Dubrow, 60, explained. “I mean look, it is what it is. So for me, they know about my house. They know about my wife. They know the names of my children. And so they like to — it’s a personal connection in many ways. It’s an icebreaker when you first meet someone. They already know who you are. They already trust you from ‘Botched’ which is great. But when they know a little something about you and they sort of know that have a great wife and a good family life at home, I like it. So I think it provides a little connection.”

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