Hey, Question: Is This a Photo of Real-Life Meghan and Harry or Your Literal Worst Nightmare?

Hello! As today is Tuesday and Tuesdays are terrible, I’m here to brighten up this otherwise-rough morning with something funny. Madame Tussaud’s in Berlin just unveiled wax masks for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and they are… really something.

Please, do enjoy.

I mean… these are downright terrifying. Like, this is the stuff of nightmares, right?

The people wearing the masks acted out a few Christmas-themed scenarios, which was totally unnecessary but here is the photographic evidence of that.

Is she trying to give birth? What the hell is happening here?

Meghan looks downright unwell in this one.

This is maybe the creepiest one of all, TBH. Makes me want to scream “RUN MEGHAN RUN!” at my computer screen because poor Harry looks like an axe murderer.

It’s just mean! They even had these people wear the masks out in public at a Christmas fair in Berlin.

Can you imagine if you saw one of these on the street? You would think it was the purge. So yeah, good luck sleeping after that. Bye!

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