Here Is Kensington Palace’s Response to Kate Middleton’s Baby Botox Allegations

Dr. Munir Somji recently shared on Instagram a side-by-side photo of the 37-year-old Duchess of Cambridge, claiming that the royal ‘loves a bit of baby botox.’

AceShowbiz -Did Kate Middleton have baby botox? Rumors of the Duchess of Cambridge going under the knife have been swirling around after British plastic surgeon Dr. Munir Somji posted on Instagram a side-by-side photo of Kate. In the caption of the post, the doctor alleged that the mother of three must have had botox.

“Our Kate loves a bit of baby Botox,” Munir said on Dr. Medi Spa Clinic’s Instagram account, insinuating that the royal uses this method to subtly maintain her youthful look and still appear natural. “Note the reduction of fine lines on the forehead, but also note the depression of the medial (middle part) brow but an elevation of the lateral tail of the brow.”

However, a spokesperson for Kensington Palace has denied the claims made in the post. In a statement to Page Six, the rep said that the post was “categorically not true” and that “the Royal Family never endorse commercial activity.” Meanwhile, Dr. Medi Spa’s marketing manager Sammy Curry said that Munir merely used the comparison photo to “show the effects of Botox and obviously baby Botox which he does himself.”

She went on saying, “He just wanted to show the transformation that it can create and obviously how it can be used for subtle results and how it’s really good for anti-aging.”

Unlike the normal botox, baby botox features smaller amount which are injected into more areas on the forehead and around the mouth. Thus, it lowers the risk of people’s features appearing to be frozen. According to experts, baby botox also “re-hydrates the skin and counters sun damage, for a wonderfully fresh, youthful look.” Furthermore, it can correct scars and acne because “the blood plasma treatment contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to improve the skin around the lips and face.”

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