Heiress Harris: 29 Of The Cutest Pics Of Tiny & T.I.’s Sassy 2-Year-Old Daughter

Tiny and T.I. love posting photos and videos galore of their baby girl Heiress, and we don’t blame them. The camera loves her! Take a look at some of her most adorable moments.

Heiress Harris is only two-years-old, but she’s already bursting with personality! It’s no wonder her parents Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43, and T.I., 38, flood fans’ social media feeds with pics of her. With her beaded braids and button nose, she couldn’t be cuter. And when you add in her tiny voice and funny antics, she’s just next level! She’s super articulate for her age and doesn’t hesitate to show that off, whether she’s spelling her name or answering questions about her favorite color and book.

On top of being a smart cookie, Heiress is just plain funny! Who could forget the video her mom shared on Dec. 9 when the little one was showing off her dance moves in a onesie? After waving her arms around and telling those around her to do the same, she hopped off of the couch she was standing on and attempted “The Shoot,” while everyone in the room cracked up. She’s such a little ham! Watching her grow up has been so fun, especially since Tiny and T.I. are clearly such great parents to all of their kids — Heiress included!

T.I. even posted a video once where he told his daughter that she was beautiful, strong and could do anything in the world. With that drilled into her at such a young age, she’s going to be such a confident little lady!

Besides, she’s already a boss baby with her own line of nail polish — at just two! The sky is the limit for Tiny and T.I.’s youngest.

So take a look at the gallery above for heartwarming shots of Heiress in all of her sweet and sassy glory.

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