Heidi Klum's Craziest Halloween Costumes Through The Years

Heidi Klum‘s streak of owning Halloween is sadly coming to an end … but that doesn’t mean ya can’t enjoy some of her best work over the last 2 decades.

Yes, the pandemic shutdown in the US of A has unfortunately reached its 7th month — but who’s counting — and that means the shutdown has wiped off the super model’s 21st Halloween bash. Horrible, yes. But, no need to be too terrified ’cause we’ve got a fun gallery showing off some of Heidi’s best costumes.

Check out the pics … who can forget her arriving in NYC last year in her goriest costume yet? Her mashup of alien and robot with faux guts and exposed brains required 12 hours of work to get it done. Goes without saying … she always goes all out.

Her “Shrek” costume from 2018 was pretty badass too.


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