Harvey Weinstein Claims Alleged Victim Went to His Movie Screening Hours After Incident

Harvey Weinstein says the woman alleging he raped her sure didn’t act like it, because she showed up at HIS movie screening just hours after the alleged rape.

Weinstein’s legal team fired off a letter informing the judge in his rape case … they’ve found an email between Weinstein’s assistant and a friend of the alleged victim, and the timing is key … they say.

The email is an invitation to attend a screening for one of Weinstein’s projects. It was sent to an unidentified woman — her name’s been redacted — and said she could bring 3 guests with her. 

The invitee responded to Weinstein’s assistant, “I’m going just with (name redacted).” According to Weinstein’s attorney, Ben Brafman, the guest she was bringing is one of the alleged victims.

The alleged rape happened the morning of March 18, 2013 — and the email exchange happened later that afternoon. Brafman says the friend confirms she and the alleged victim not only attended, but met up with Weinstein at the screening.

Brafman insists this is “strong evidence that she was not raped” — why would an alleged rape victim “go out of her way to spend time with her ‘rapist’ merely hours” after the alleged attack?

TMZ broke the story … the friend is a new witness who claims the alleged victim was “hooking up” with Weinstein for “a very long time” and she never heard the alleged victim say anything bad about Weinstein. 

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