Hailey Clauson Goes Topless In Bikini-Cut Denim Bottoms On Instagram

Hailey Clauson is “Ms. June” for V Magazine’s 2019 calendar. The model went topless for the photo which was shared on Instagram, as she stood against a white backdrop wearing only bottoms. She sported bikini-cut denim shorts, with lettering on the front in yellow font. Meanwhile, Hailey censored the photo by grabbing onto herself with her hands, as she gave a sultry look for the cameras in dark eye makeup and pink lipstick. Clauson wore her hair down in a dramatic right part, and fans reacted with comments like “Beautiful!!!” and “Nice Photo.”

The model has also been sharing some of her other work on her personal Instagram page, including a stunning photo for Issue’s cover story. The post showed Hailey wearing a vibrantly colored and patterned dress with long sleeves. The dress was made up of many panels, all with a busy graphic. She wore her hair down, and it looks like her hair was darker than it was for the V Magazine shoot.

Clauson had previously posted the cover photo for the magazine, which was of the model wearing an extravagantly oversized yellow jacket. The sleeves were huge, and she wore a yellow fanny pack and carried a yellow duffel bag. The model stood in the sand in heels in front of the ocean, as her legs looked extra-long for the shot.

Meanwhile, her Instagram Stories revealed that she was spending her Christmas in Venice, wearing a chic crop-top long-sleeved shirt. Hailey also shared photos of her family, and of her dog as she hung out and waited for bread pudding in front of the fireplace.

And although Clauson has found great success in the modeling industry, she, along with many others, found themselves at a crossroads after hitting puberty. This is how she described her journey to Harper’s Bazaar.

“I’ve always had insecurities with my body. I did fashion shows when I was 14 and then my body changed, I became more womanly. Puberty hit, my boobs came in and shows weren’t really an option anymore. Nobody knew what to do with me. I felt insecure and unwanted by the industry. But eventually I realized, ‘Oh, I can still work, I’m just going to have to figure out a different direction.’ That’s when I met Sports Illustrated and the editor MJ [Day], she loves all types of bodies. So that initially made me feel comfortable. Now posing naked, I’m probably too comfortable. But it feels really good to be completely comfortable in your own skin. It’s a great feeling.”

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